Experience Music Like Never Before

It’s offers you comfort when you’re trying to get over a breakup. It keeps you company on those long hours while en route. It soothes you while you’re trying to get some sleep. It’s what moves you to loosen it up at the club and bust those moves. It’s always there.
Music is at the very center of our lives. Wherever you’re from and no matter what kind of music you enjoy, there’s music for every moment.
We understand how much music means to you so we’ve put a lot of thought into making your audio experience a whole lot better.
The Soundmate speaker by Liretonwaves is a technological masterpiece. It goes above and beyond in bringing you music like never before.
Unleash the beat with Soundmate’s enhanced bass feature. Feel every beat of your favorite jams like never before. But that’s not all. This Speaker is smart! It comes equipped with a dual audio connection enabling you to pair one  smart phone with two Soundmate speakers that lets you enjoy twice the beat!
It also possesses wireless stereo pairing, so you won't have to worry about all the clutter that comes with wires laying around.
Oh you thought we were done? LOL.
This speaker sticks to surfaces. We fitted it with magnetic absorption technology that enables it stick to the back of your phone, walls and tables.
Besides coming in a Compact size which makes it portable and easy to carry around, And when your battery levels are low, you can charge up in 1.5 hours with its lightening fast type C high power input.
Are you not entertained? The Lireton SoundMate should definitely be in your shopping list. Get one for yourself and unleash the beat!