A look into the life of ‘The Fashion Maniac’

She’s stylish.

She’s boujee.

She’s glamorous.

She’s our newest Brand Influencer! 🤩

She’s Dubem.

Last week, we unveiled ‘The Fashion Maniac’, a fast-rising sensation with over 100k followers on Instagram, as our latest Brand influencer.

We had a chat with her to have better look into the life of the dazzling fashionista.

Host: Great to have you with us today. As always you are looking breathtaking!

Dubem: * Laughs* Thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Host: So tell us a little about you. What’s your name? How old are you? What do you do for a living? Let’s start with that.

Dubem: My name is Obi Chidubem Millicent. But I like to go by ‘Dubem’. I’m 21. I am a Law student, Brand Influencer, Fashion Designer, and a Stylist. I own my fashion Brands and I promote for brands as well.

Host: That’s amazing! To think that you’ve built up a brand for yourself at such a young age while also doubling as a Law student. How do you handle both lives?

Dubem:  Well, I see myself as someone who is very ambitious and determined. This is what drives me to be the best I can be in every field I delve into.

Host: Amazing. How did you become “The Fashion Maniac”?

Dubem: I just wanted a way to express my obsession with fashion so I called myself a Fashion Maniac.

Host: What will you be bringing to the Liretonwaves Tribe?

Dubem: I’ll be bringing something entirely different! Music for me is deep and so I will express it in the best way possible. As a plus, this would be the first technology brand I would  work with. It will be an opportunity to expose my versatility to the world.

Host: What should our customers and your fans look out for ?

Dubem: Premium Content. I’ll be giving them every reason why they should shop Liretonwaves. From videos to picture content, I will be bringing in my very best.

Host: We sure look forward to what you have in store for us. Thanks for being on the show and good luck in your new journey.

Dubem: Thanks for having me!

Well that’s it for today, folks. Remember that you can order your Liretonwaves products directly from our website at Lireton.com. Be sure to follow us and our latest Brand Influencer on Instagram @Liretonwaves and @Dubemm._ respectively.

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